Dinner and a Movie

You know when you find a good show on Netflix and you can’t get enough of it… … just one more… … okay, we just have to watch the first five minutes of this episode to find out what happens… That’s what it’s like with us and White Collar. We stumbled upon it after Netflix […]

Glam Bathroom Makeover

I never cease to be in awe of the power of paint. You can take a one room and giveĀ it a completely different personality just with one morning’s work. I’ve always loved our half bath makeover minus two things: one, the light fixture and two, the paint color. Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt was gorgeous in every […]

Big Bathroom Plans

A while ago I told you we were going to redo the shower in our upstairs bathroom… I showed you the gorgeous marble subway tile and you’ve seen the bathroom progress. And then we realized, if we wanted it done right, it couldn’t be a DIY job because it’s a custom sized floor and the […]