Kitchen Designs… Cabinets Ordered!

After three years of brainstorming a layout for our awkward kitchen (it’s shaped like a T and built on a platform), AJ and I finally came up with a design we loved and yesterday we ordered the cabinets! I’ve got views for you here of almost every angle but it’s fairly hard to picture exactly […]

The Great Room Switch

About a month ago we made the great room switch with every person switching where their room was located. Drew moved into Elle’s. Elle moved into Vera’s. Vera moved into Drew’s and Grayson moved into our room. And we made the move into the master bedroom. We’d never done this before because it’s far enough […]

All the Faves

Way back when I first started blogging I had a regular Wednesday post called Wednesday Loves. I was thinking about all sorts of random things I want to tell you about and figured that bringing back this column would be the best way to do that. It won’t be every week but it will occasionally […]