We are Moving!

When we listed our last house for sale we had a house picked out that had been sitting on the market for a while. We were so excited about it… until we wrote our offer and heard that another family made an offer at the same time. We felt so discouraged… and then we found […]

The Cutest Baby Announcements

This past week was hard for our family. We had the pretty sudden death of my grandfather. He was fabulous and one of the hobbies that he loved ever since my  grandmother died was photography. If you walked into his home you’d find photos all over the fridge and on tables and many Christmases we gave […]

House Projects of 2020 (Part Two)

In December AJ took Drew and Elle to see his parents and I stayed home with the twins (they are in school but the older two are being homeschooled this year so they can do that from anywhere, so while they were gone I gave myself a bunch a house projects I wanted to finish […]