Swedish Brownies + Favorite Things Giveway

The other night we had Life Group with some people from our church (basically it’s a mix between social hour and discussing that week’s sermon / Bible Study). I was in charge of the snack and brought Swedish Brownies. It’s a recipe my mom made when I was growing up and it’s delicious. I’m in […]

Compact Living: Quarter One

For any goal to be accomplished there needs to be regular check ins to make sure you are able to accomplish them, right? When I set my 2018 goal to live COMPACTLY I knew it was going to take some really intentional work. I figured I’d try to do my quarterly check ins here on […]

Master Bathroom Before and Plans

We’ve been talking about our spring and summer to-do list and what projects we will tackle around our house. The number one project is to finish painting it (yes, we are “those” neighbors with a half painted house…. so embarrassing). One item on our list is to renovate our master bath. I’ve outlined everything I […]