Basketweave Bathroom Floor

Wayfair supplied us with some of the tile for this project. All opinions in this post are my own. When we got our vanity we had a few plans in mind for our bathroom and weren’t sure how we were going to proceed with the floor plan. We laid peel and stick tiles do that […]

All the Thoughts

While we were in Florida last week for spring break I got a text from a good friend that they just had an ultrasound and the doctor said that the baby’s heart shows signs of Down’s Syndrome. She went in for a blood test for some more conclusive results and was told to wait two […]

Kitchen Renovation Update

I’ve shared very little with you about our kitchen and all the ideas of how you want to proceed with it. Astecitally we don’t love the space but it’s so practical for our family (except for having a rug every where in the space where we eat) that we have taken a lot of the […]