All the Thoughts

I’m sitting at our desk disgusting and sweaty after restarting week six of BBG. The kids are napping but I don’t dare wake them with a shower so I figured I’d blog instead. While we were in Florida last week for spring break I got a text from a good friend that they just had […]

Kitchen Renovation Update

I’ve shared very little with you about our kitchen and all the ideas of how you want to proceed with it. Astecitally we don’t love the space but it’s so practical for our family (except for having a rug every where in the space where we eat) that we have taken a lot of the […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (from YOU!)

I am so excited about today’s post with Mother’s Day gift ideas because a lot of the ideas are straight from you! Thank you to everyone who weighed in on Instagram and Facebook. I loved reading about what items were your favorite gifts or what things you can’t get enough of now. You’ll see below […]