Florida Style

We got back the day before Easter from an amazing week in Florida with Drew and Elle. My in-laws took the twins so we could give the older two some one on one time and it was a wonderful break to swim and lay out in the sun and read more than I’ve read in […]

Basic Invite Graduation, Wedding and Baby Shower Invitations

Let me introduce you to Basic Invite. They have gorgeous designs for whatever your event, almost unlimited colors and 40 different colors of envelopes. Basic Invite had some gorgeous templates for graduation invitations, below are three of my favorites. I love how simple and classy these graduation invitation photo cards are. One of my blog […]

Getting it Cheaper: Outdoor Umbrellas

Years ago I did my first “Getting it Cheaper” post all about finds from Pottery Barn etc. that have knock offs at the Dollar Tree (you read that correctly)… they are one of my favorite kind of posts to write because if you know me at all you know I LOVE a good deal. We […]