Working with a Long and Narrow Living Room

When we first moved into our last house AJ and I were stumped about how to set up our long and narrow living room. We figured out a set up that worked pretty well for us and then moved into this house which also has a long and narrow living room. I’m sure there are […]

Navy Outdoor Pizzazz with Better Homes and Gardens

This post is sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart.  All opinions are my own. When Better Homes and Gardens emailed me this month’s post assignment it felt a little like an impossibility. We had to post about their outdoor line. In February. I’m in New England.  After receiving the products weeks ago I waited. […]

Adoption Q & A

I received some emails with questions about our foster / adoption process so I figured I’d answer some of them here! Don’t hesitate to email me if you have questions I didn’t answer. 🙂 You asked about the birth parents and the weekly visits with them… Once a week I need to bring the […]